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Pregnancy course

privé en online zwangerschapscursus

“If we want to change the world, we first need to change the way babies are born”

"Als we de wereld willen veranderen, moeten we eerst de manier veranderen waarop baby's worden geboren"


A natural birth is the great wish of many women and their partners. You can neither plan nor direct a delivery, the best preparation is that you open yourself to everything that presents itself in the moment so that you can participate in the situation.

"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change."

Knowledge is important for this, knowing what to expect and what choices you have. But a nice toolbox of relaxation techniques and breathing exercises can also help. It is often our limiting thoughts that block the flow of new life. Without these (unconscious) thoughts, there is mainly trust, surrender and love. During the Conscious Hypnobirthing course we manifest this through affirmations, self-hypnosis, breathing exercises and relaxation exercises. In addition, you will receive all the necessary knowledge so that you can take control during the birth, confidently and in deep relaxation.  



You make the most estrogen during pregnancy and after delivery, more than in your entire life combined. Your body is going through a huge change, the hormones influence your emotional state and this often makes it less easy to attune with your partner, family or friends and you are less connected with yourself or others. While your energy is so powerful, you are mega sensitive at the same time. And because you are very open, you can get the feeling that you are on your own. You may become insecure about childbirth or motherhood. You can fall into the victim role and lose track, have the feeling of losing control. You, as a woman and mother-to-be, can appropriate pregnancy and childbirth if you can manage these massive changes. Your environment can play an essential role during pregnancy and childbirth if they know what their job is. Only then can they take this responsibility and offer you the necessary support.


The right knowledge, practice of breathing and relaxation techniques and affirmations can make childbirth a magical experience. With this you give the baby a soft landing on earth in an atmosphere of warmth, tranquility and joy.


In addition to the breathing and relaxation exercises, you will learn self-hypnosis in this course.  

In fact, everyone uses self-hypnosis on a daily basis. You focus in the moment on one thing that makes everything around it fall away. Recognizable moments of hypnosis are, for example: if you are absorbed in a book/film and no longer know what else is happening around you or if you are daydreaming or while driving a car you no longer know where you drove. have.


With Conscious Hypnobirthing you take the time to think with your partner about the birth process and everything surrounding it, how you would like it to be and what still stands in the way of achieving that. You learn to look forward to childbirth in a positive way and to trust your body and your natural birthing instincts.  


You follow this course both online and offline in a group or with private sessions.

All exercises are cast in an online course so that you can practice them in your own time.

And the knowledge is transferred offline, in multiple meetings together with your partner.  



The course is (partially) reimbursed by many health insurance companies, inquire about this with your health insurer or visit to see how much your health insurer reimburses. See fees for more info.


To arrange the reimbursement, you need an invoice with our Chamber of Commerce number and membership of HypnoBirthing® Nederland, which you will receive in your email after registration. At Independer they also have a nice overview of reimbursements for pregnancy courses. According to them, De Amersfoortse reimburses up to € 500! 


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Private course 3x:          € 550,-

Private course 3x, 2 couples:         € 450,-  

Group course:         € 350,-


Refresher course private:       €180

Catch up lesson:  € 125 per lesson (private)

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