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The online Inner Child course 

The cry we hear from deep in our hearts, comes from the wounded child within.  ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Do you want to give your Inner Child your love and attention, so that you feel whole again and can love, play and enjoy yourself with the people you love?

It is that child-piece in yourself that arose in your childhood through situations that had an impact and that you were unable to process at that moment. As an adult, you can react excessively emotionally to situations, clap closed or show flight behavior.

So your childhood has an impact on how you behave in your adult life.  

The lack that you have acquired in childhood, the lack, an unmet need, will determine your life.  A lack of attention, for example, will make you attention seeking in your adult life.  A lack of emotional connection will become a trigger in relationships.

Or multiple deficits on an emotional level and receiving love and attention can make you a workaholic or fill your need with addictions or bad relationships.




The deficit you acquired in childhood will determine your life, in a negative sense.  

Unless you make sure that these emotions from the past are healed.

Then you will find that you:

  • you feel freer

  • you feel lighter

  • can connect with an open heart

  • look at yourself and the other with an open mind

  • understand yourself much better  

  • much better know what you need

  • meet those needs more easily

  • you don't need the other for that; parents, partner, boss

  • experience more peace and stability

  • raise your own child from an open mind & heart

  • in short; you are completely happy with yourself!

Most people are confronted with this in parenting.

You don't want to project your own programming onto your child, you want to give your child everything you haven't had, or you don't want to give what you have received.  

And this is also a nice intrinsic motivation to invest in the healing of your Inner Child, not only for yourself, but also for what you leave to your children and the generations after.

This is an online course of 7 videos and an online 1-on-1 session with Jill.

Mail Jill for questions or start the first module today by clicking the link below.

  Online course €65
+ call €85 Portretten-211-bewerkt.jpg


"It felt despite the emotions that come loose

very pleasant to work with my Inner Child."


—  Marjoram

If you have any questions, please contact me.

You can combine this course with a   Release (hypnosis) session

Or start with a podcast exercise in our series.  

Lots of Joy & Sparkles,  

on behalf of my Inner Child.  


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