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As a Postpartum Doula I come to your home, to cook and to promote your recovery through massages and rituals. This is often possible after a few days, from the moment you can walk again and you feel the need for care, a helping hand and loving touch.


A well-prepared rest and bonding period of 40 days can help you with:

• Accelerated healing of your uterus and possible scarring

• Better bonding between mom and baby

• More harmony in your family relationships

• Breastfeeding

• Less chance of postpartum depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome

• Feeling connected, with yourself and the baby

Depending on the wishes and desires of you and your partner, I am there for you as a family, but especially for you with a view to your recovery.

I have put together three packages for you.  

Is there no package of your choice? Contact me and we will create a custom package for you. 
(I work from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.)

Basic 4 hours €340 (hourly rate €85)


Comfortable 8 hours €600 (hourly rate €75)

  • Ayurvedic meal for recovery (2 times, 2 people)

  • maternity interview

  • 2x Postpartum massage 90 min.

  • Vaginal steam bath

  • Belly binding

  • Closing ritual


VIP 20 hours €1400 (hourly rate €70)


+ massage partner €125

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