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We know our strengths and work together with other specialists in areas that are less known to us. We call in these experts when we jointly determine that this is necessary. Together we join forces and make the world a bit more beautiful for you and your baby.

Pelvic floor physio

Alina Gabrees - Haarlem


Elise Pattyn  — Haarlem

Corien Karssen  — Amsterdam


Lieke Dokkum - Alkmaar / Heerhugowaard


Marije Klumpes - Haarlem

Body Stress Release

Anouk van Dobben — Haarlem

Lot Bergmans Amsterdam


Joanne de Lijster - Haarlem  


Shamanic Healer

Helen of Dune  — Amsterdam


Soul Awakening

John Kadela


Diep in ons hart, weten we al dat we perfect zijn zoals we zijn. Diep in ons innerlijk wezen, weten we al dat het leven perfect is zoals het is.. ~ Swami Dhyan Giten

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