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  • Mamaste


    Ma-ma's - tay - A postpartum gift for the new mommy.

    Postpartum herbal tea, breastfeeding tea, mommy tea, postpartum gift, postpartum body.

    What does a mom really need after the birth of her baby?
    Loving attention to herself and good care for her body.

    Light a candle, add some music, have a cup of tea and muse.
    Finally some me time.


    the most important time of the day is with a delicious cup of tea,

    this tea is specially composed for the new mom and works  warming and strengthening for body and mind.

    The little moments are there to be enjoyed!



    Nettle -> supports drainage of excess fluid, compensates for blood loss, reduces complaints of hemorrhoids, full of vit c, calcium and iron

    Fenugreek -> supports breastfeeding and the production of breast milk, promotes digestion, rich in iron, natural medicine

    Cumin -> helps against flatulence

    Lemon bane -> makes the tea fresh and helps with insomnia and nervousness



    30 grams (15 cups)



    1 tablespoon per cup, cook for 10 minutes and catch the herbs with a sieve.

    Reuse once.

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