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Yoni Steam
  • Yoni Steam


    Yoni Steam

    Steam herbs, bath herbs, postpartum healing, tea.

    What does a mom really need after the birth of her baby?
    Loving attention to herself and the necessary care for her body.


    Your vulva, uterus and pelvis deserve the love and warmth of Mother Earth's herbs. Take a moment for yourself, retreat with these healing herbs, take care of your own sacred moments or let yourself be taken care of.



    marigold -  healthy herb for the skin

    chamomile -  soothing

    feverfew - enlighten the mind

    Sage -  has a relaxing effect,  soothing and supporting the  digestion

    lady's mantle -  astringent effect on the uterus, cleanses, relieves after-effects and reduced blood loss



    30 grams (2 steam sessions)



    Soak the herbs overnight in cold water.
    Heat within 10 minutes, without boiling the water.

    Place the pan in the toilet or on the floor and hang above it.
    Put a blanket around you, put on some good music, light a candle.

    Don't do it during bleeding /  menstruation, with an open wound, and be careful not to hang too close to the pan.

    You can also use the herbs in the bath or make a tea from them to rinse your wound. You can pour it into your sanitary pad and hold it against your Yoni. 

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