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Being born and giving birth are two defining moments in our lives. When maternity care has left, the partner goes back to work and the world goes on again, a difficult time arises for many women. Many miss the network that provides social and practical support, many maternity women feel lonely and insecure  about their new role  as mother.

This three-day training course gives you the knowledge and skills to make the transition for the family as loving and peaceful as possible. A stress-free and harmonious first four  up to six  weeks are the foundation for secure attachment and a stable family life.  

Content of the training:

  • Why Postnatal  support?

  • In-depth study of changes and processes that characterize the first 40 days after birth.

  • Physiology and emotional needs:  Understanding the mood and hormonal changes of the mother and her needs. We also look at what is going on with the partner and possibly the other children in the family. How can we as carers respond to this? 

  • Cooking and recipes:   Information and practical tips from Ayurvedic knowledge about preparing strengthening and healing meals for Postnatal  mothers. During this training we will prepare food together which provides energetic and physical support to the healing capacity of the mother's body, digestion and milk production. 

  • postnatal  support techniques and rituals:  Such as belly binding, foot massage, vaginal steam bath and the rebozo closing ritual. 

  • Your services:  We work on our inner attitude of service and pay attention to connecting communication skills.

  • We also answer questions  if:
    What kind of support can you provide?
    How does the Postnatal Support Network work and how do you build your own network in your region?
    How can you support a family to reach out to their own network for extra help?


For whom? 
This training is aimed at anyone who wants to make a difference for young families during this magical period after birth.
Are you a family, friend, nurse, midwife, doula, maternity nurse, massage therapist or yoga teacher? And do you want to provide care for the mother in her recovery, so that she can fully enjoy this special period together with her baby?

By who?

Amrit Dev Kaur Khalsa is a mother of a toddler daughter and a baby son and tutors women  as Doula during pregnancy, birth and maternity period. She is coordinator of the Postnatal network in the Leiden region and provides training and workshops for the network. She also works as a babywearing consultant, yoga teacher and placenta processor. Amrit holds a PhD in historian and worked as an assistant professor at Leiden University. She is also active as a yoga teacher trainer.  

Jill van der Veen organizes and facilitates this training and has a practice called Mom Me Soul, located in the center of Haarlem. Jill has been working as a massage therapist for over 10 years, as well as a hypnotherapist and teaches Hypnobirthing courses. She focuses on pregnant women and mothers with the mission to empower women during the magical transformation from woman to mother. The training takes place in the building where she lives, an old monastery in the heart of Haarlem, the city of… Jill lives alone with her two-year-old son and is co-parenting.

The costs for the training are €475 (incl. VAT) for three days.
For this you get:

- Three days of training, including tea, snacks and hot lunch. 

- Comprehensive manual (in English).

- One year membership of the PSN, with the possibility to create a profile of yourself and your services on the website.
- Certification process: this includes giving 40 hours of postnatal support as a volunteer to a family in your region, writing a report, having the family fill in a feedback form and a final conversation via Skype or live with one of the trainers .

(The amount does not include other meals and a place to sleep.)

There is room for a maximum of 15 participants offline and 10 participants online.


• Language: English

• Location: center of Haarlem

• Dates: 19, 20 and 21 February 2021

• Time: 09:00 - 18:00

• Everyone is welcome

• The training can be followed both online and offline, provided that the RIVM measures allow it.


• Get acquainted by phone

• Explanation Why?

• Physiology and emotional needs

• Cooking and recipes

• Rituals and Support Techniques

• Handout  

• Internship assignment 


€ 475,- incl. VAT

  • Online and offline same price

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