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A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin.

~ Amy Tan

Your greatest task has been fulfilled, you have brought your baby into the world. And then it really starts. Sleepless nights, inexplicable crying fits, not wanting to sleep, the flu here, a virus there, school, clubs, friends over the floor, no I don't want to, yes I just want to, cuddle, don't cuddle, one phase after another, everything in the service of your child with a box of unconditional mother love and many beautiful life lessons. It's not just something, that motherhood!

Time for yourself has become a necessity! And what's better than a good massage?

Not having to do anything for a while, everything is allowed and a lot of attention and touch for you, your body and your Soul. The main goal of the Mom massage is to bring you into deep relaxation.

You can let go of what is occupying you at this moment in your life and confidently surrender to the power of touch, warm oil that is spread over your body and the journey you make in your thoughts, with your emotional life and your senses that are stimulated .  


Experience how your body reacts to the slow movements and go along with the rhythm of the music, the touch and your breathing. With complete surrender in the moment there is nothing but acceptance, love and connection. Your nervous system relaxes, muscles relax, energy flows and your mind comes to rest. You enter a deep rest phase and can be there as you are without striving, judgment, need for change. This brings you in contact with your true self, so you come to a deeper level with your self-awareness. Your body can recover, recharge energetically and let go mentally. For some of you a challenge, for others redemption.



Kennismaking sessie (75 min)        € 105,-

Traject drie sessies (60 min)      € 285,-Traject vijf sessies (60 min)     € 450,-


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