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Let us make pregnancy an occasion when we appreciate our female bodies.  ~ Merete Leonhardt-Lupa

Your body changes every moment of the day to allow the new life to grow within you. As a result, you have less energy, you are tired faster, you can get all kinds of ailments and your body may no longer feel the way you are used to.

A pregnancy massage can therefore be exactly what you long for.

Soft touch with long strokes in combination with warm oils and delicious scents. All attention to you, your body and the baby. Everything else is no longer important. 

You will lie in a position in which you feel most comfortable and comfortable. There is a Prénatal table where you can lie on your stomach and your stomach is supported, which makes carrying your stomach easier.


Every phase in pregnancy is different and so the massage is adapted to your needs and desires. Let the energy flow through your body again and make room for the miracle that lives in your beautiful body for nine months. 

When the baby is breech or to induce contractions, a massage in combination with Moxatherapy is also possible.



Kennismaking sessie (75 min)        € 115,-

Traject drie sessies (60 min)      € 330,-Traject vijf sessies (60 min)     € 500,-


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