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I know your tired but come, this is the way..
~ Rumi

The transition from living in your cocoon to going outside again is traditionally celebrated in Mexico through the Mexican rebozo closing ritual. The closing ritual is a beautiful ceremony that gives space to heal on an emotional, physical and psychological level for everything that still needs a place with regard to pregnancy or childbirth.


The ritual is a moment for you to reflect on birth, motherhood and everything that you, your body and your baby have already experienced. To be able to look back with gratitude, to process unprocessed emotions and to be supported by the loving people around you. You can feel like a child again and you will be taken care of.

The intention of the closing ritual.

The intention of this ritual is to reflect on your process and to be cared for by the warmth and loving attention of another woman. We ask for healing for your body and soul, deep relaxation and a feeling of health and strength. We honor the tremendous achievement you have made. We honor your womanhood and we honor the universal mother energy. The closing ritual also helps to process the pregnancy, your delivery and to 'go outside' into the world again. For example, when you go back to work or participate in daily life in a different way.  

It can help with:

  • closing your physical and energetic body after childbirth

  • positive termination of pregnancy and birth

  • closing another important phase in your life with gratitude, to let go of negative emotions.

  • coping with a miscarriage or silent birth

  • saying goodbye to your fertility, the menopause

  • in preparation for the next pregnancy

I recommend the ritual from 40 days after delivery, but it can also be earlier or years later.  Even if you have had a miscarriage or your baby has died, this ceremony is very valuable and healing.  

The closing ritual lasts about 1.5 hours and consists of:

  • Yoni steam, herbal steam bath for your yoni

  • A foot massage with essential oils

  • Closing your body by wrapping and tightening with rebozo cloths
    (this is also possible after a caesarean section).

  • I say empowering words to you attuned to you and ask for healing of that which may be healed.

  • We drink a warming herbal tea together

It is nice if your (birth) partner or another trusted caregiver is present to take care of your child so that you really have some time for your process. I also cordially invite your partner to help me with the closure, but you can also ask a friend, sister or mother.
It can be done at home (near Haarlem) or in the practice of Mom Me Soul, Haarlem center.


'This ritual opened up a new cycle, that of motherhood.

I have only now felt that I am a real mother and I feel reborn in my new body and being.'


—  postpartum mom



Sluitingsritueel (90 min.)       € 165,-

+ massage  (60 min)      € 110,-

+ aan huis        € 45,-

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